Data Analytics and Information Services for Business

Data Management & Analytics

Companies today are collecting vast quantities of business and transactional data but not all have invested in the tools necessary to make informed business decisions surrounding complex matters such as customer behaviours, sales & market trends. We have extensive experience in database design, data warehousing and related information delivery systems as well as detailed analysis and reporting services and solutions.

Database Design & Data Warehousing

Designing and implementing a data warehouse is not a simple task but when done optimally becomes a source of rich information for business decisions and provides a solid foundation for future data mining and business insight activities. Our Database management services focus on the combined process of maintaining integrity, security and accuracy of the data structures and stored information as well as overseeing data manipulation, processing, monitoring and analytical activities which are precursor to Data Mining, Analytics Reporting activities.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Technology has changed the way companies do business. Imago custom Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide companies with the tools necessary to gather, organize and analyze their information into usable data which can be used for customer insight activities, benchmarking, performance measurements, market analysis, future analytics and more. We offer services such as:

Performance Measurements Inventory Data Analysis & Reporting
Dashboards, Scorecards & Reports Product Cost & Profitability Review

Dashboards & Reporting Platforms

The presentation layer delivers the processed data in a meaningful and intuitive way. Presentation media include dashboards, visual analysis tools, scorecards, and reports. These are all visual representations of information for decision making by helping to identify correlations, trends, outliers (anomalies), patterns, and business conditions.

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle

Our solutions are designed to work with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and other database platforms.